Oasis pillow

1.045,00 kr

The Haus Oasis collection is crafted with cotton satin and filled with 90% white muscovy duck down and 10% small feathers. It boasts an impressive fill power of 725 cuin, ensuring optimal insulation and comfort. Muscovy duck down is renowned for its lightweight and softness, providing warmth without adding significant weight. These downs are also durable, maintaining their shape and volume over time.

Shell/Fabric: 100% cotton satin Fill: Outer Chambers: 2 x 90g 90% White Muscovy Duck Down / 10% small feathers. Inner Chamber: 70% small feathers / 30% White Muscovy Duck Down Fill Power: 650/350 cuin

Pillow size: 60 x 63 

Each purchase includes a complimentary canvas bag for both the pillow and duvet.

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